Table of Contents

"Style" as distinctiveness : the culture and ideology of linguistic differentiation / Judith T. Irvine.
Variety, style-shifting, and ideology / Susan Ervin-Tripp.
The ethnography of genre in a Mexican market : form, function, variation / Richard Bauman.
The question of genre / Ronald Macaulay.
The anatomy of style-shifting / William Labov.
A dissection of style-shifting / John Baugh.
Style and social meaning / Penelope Eckert.
Zeroing in on multifunctionality and style / Elizabeth Closs Traugott.
Back in style : reworking audience design / Allan Bell.
Primitives of a system for "style" and "register" / Malcah Yaeger-Dror.
Language, situation, and the relational self : theorizing dialect-style in sociolinguistics / Nikolas Coupland.
Couplandia and beyond / Howard Giles.
Style and stylizing from the perspective of a non-autonomous sociolinguistics / John R. Rickford.
Register variation and social dialect variation : the Register Axiom / Edward Finegan and Douglas Biber.
Conversation, spoken language, and social identity / Lesley Milroy.
Style and the psycholinguistics of sociolinguistics : the logical problem of language variation / Dennis R. Preston.