Table of Contents

Section I: An Introduction to the Structure and Behavior of Viruses. Defining the Ecology of Viruses / Christon J Hurst.
An Introduction to Viral Taxonomy with Emphasis on Animal Hosts and the Proposal of Akamara, a Potential Domain for the Genomic Acellular Agents / Christon J Hurst.
Virus Morphology, Replication, and Assembly / Debi P Nayak.
The (CO)Evolutionary Ecology of Viruses / Michael J Allen.
Section II: Viruses of Macroscopic Animals. Coral Viruses / William H Wilson.
Viruses Infecting Marine Molluscs / Tristan Renault.
The Viral Ecology of Aquatic Crustaceans / Leigh Owens.
Viruses of Fish / Audun Helge Nerland, Aina-Cathrine ̜verḡrd, Sonal Patel.
Ecology of Viruses Infecting Ectothermic Vertebrates₇The Impact of Ranavirus Infections on Amphibians / V Gregory Chinchar, Jacques Robert, Andrew T Storfer.
Viruses of Insects / Declan C Schroeder.
Viruses of Terrestrial Mammals / Laura D Kramer, Norma P Tavakoli.
Viruses of Cetaceans / Marie-Fraṅoise Van Bressem, Juan A Raga.
The Relationship Between Humans, their Viruses, and Prions / Christon J Hurst.
Ecology of Avian Viruses / Josanne H Verhagen, Ron A M Fouchier, Vincent J Munster.