Table of Contents

Section I: An Introduction to the Structure and Behavior of Viruses. Defining the Ecology of Viruses / Christon J Hurst.
An Introduction to Viral Taxonomy with Emphasis on Microbial and Botanical Hosts and the Proposal of Akamara, a Potential Domain for the Genomic Acellular Agents / Christon J Hurst.
Virus Morphology, Replication, and Assembly / Debi P Nayak.
The (Co)Evolutionary Ecology of Viruses / Michael J Allen.
Section II: Viruses of Other Microorganisms. Bacteriophage and Viral Ecology as Seen Through the Lens of Nucleic Acid Sequence Data / Eric Sakowski, William Kress, Eric Wommack.
Viruses of Cyanobacteria / Lauren D McDaniel.
Viruses of Eukaryotic Algae / William H Wilson, Michael J Allen.
Viruses of Seaweeds / Declan C Schroeder.
The Ecology and Evolution of Fungal Viruses / Michael G Milgroom, Bradley I Hillman.
Prion Ecology / Reed B Wickner.
Ecology of Plant Viruses, with Special Reference to Geminiviruses / Basavaprabhu L Patil, Claude M Fauquet.
Viroids and Viroid Diseases of Plants / Ricardo Flores, Francesco Di Serio, Beatriz Navarro, Nuria Duran-Vila, Robert A Owens.