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Structure Preserved; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Preface; List of works (1971-2010 by Jan Koster; Unaccusative verbs in Chinese; Gapping is always forward; Focus particle doubling; Wh-drop and recoverability; Two futures in infinitives; A dynamic perspective on inflection; Is there "preposition stranding in COMP" in Afrikaans? No way!; Restructuring verbs and the structure of Spanish clauses; Cantonese as a tense second language; On a selective "violation" of the Complex NP Constraint; Dressed numerals and the structure of Universal Numeric Quantifiers. "Structure is at the rock-bottom of all explanatory sciences" (Jan Koster). Forty years ago, the hypothesis that underlying the bewildering variety of syntactic phenomena are general and unified structural patterns of unexpected beauty and simplicity gave rise to major advancements in the study of Dutch and Germanic syntax, with important implications for the theory of grammar as a whole. Jan Koster was one of the central figures in this development, and he has continued to explore the structure preserving hypothesis throughout his illustrious career. This collection of articles by over forty.