Table of Contents

Oxidative and nitrosative stress defence systems in escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa : a model organism of study versus a human opportunistic pathogen / by James A. Imlay and Daniel J. Hassett.
Coordinated regulation of stress and virulence adaptations in stages of haemophilus pathogenesis / by Sandy M. S. Wong and Brain J. Akerley.
Nitric oxide stress in escherichia coli and salmonella / by Stephen Spiro.
Nitric oxide and gram-positive pathogens : host triggers and bacterial defence mechanisms / by Glen C. Ulett and Adam J. Potter.
Novel regulation in response to host generated stresses : the Merr family of regulators in pathogenic bacteria / by Stephen P. Kidd.
Stress responses in pathogenic neisseria : overlapping regulons and SRNA regulation / by Stuart A. Hill.
Acid survival mechanisms of bacterial pathogens of the digestive tract / by Hanan Gancz and D. Scott Merrell.
Urease and the bacterial acid stress response / by Peter Chivers.
Secretion systems and metabolism in pathogenic yersiniae / by Matthew S. Francis.
Response of neisseria gonorrhoeae to oxygen limitation and excess / by Jeffery A. Cole.
Copper and zinc stress in bacteria / by Selina R. Clayton, Karin Heurlier, Taku Oshim, and Jon. L. Hobman.
Metal ion sensing in mycobacterium tuberculosis / by Jennifer S. Cavet.
Salmonella and the host in the battle for iron.
by Elisa Deriu, Janet Z. Liu and Manuela Raffatellu.