Table of Contents

Narrative and social movements: the power of stories / Joseph E. Davis.
Plotting protest: mobilizing stories in the 1960 student sit-ins / Francesca Polletta.
Controlling narratives and narratives as control within social movements / Robert D. Benford.
"Getting our histories straight": culture, narrative, and identity in the self-help movement / John Steadman Rice.
Moving toward the light: self, other, and the politics of experience in new age narratives / Michael F. Brown.
Fundamentalism: when history goes awry / Joshua J. Yates and James Davidson Hunter.
Drug court stories: transforming American jurisprudence / James C. Nolan Jr..
compassion on trial: movement narrative in a court conflict over physician-assisted suicide / Jeffrey D. Tatum.
Movement advocates as battered women's storytellers: from varied experiences, one message / Bess Rothenberg.
The storied group: social movements as "bundles of narratives" / Gary Alan Fine.