Table of Contents

Introduction and classification.
Major connectors, minor connectors, rests, and rest seats.
Direct retainers, indirect retainers, and tooth replacements.
Mechanical principles associated with removable partial dentures.
The first diagnostic appointment.
The second diagnostic appointment.
Survey and design.
I-bar removable partial dentures / Michael A. Mansueto.
Implant-assisted removable partial dentures / Thomas R. Schneid and Patrick A. Mattie.
Mouth preparation and master cast.
Laboratory procedures for framework construction / Raymond G. Koeppen and Michael A. Mansueto.
Fitting the framework.
Special impression procedures for tooth-tissue-supported removable partial dentures / Ronald G. Verrett.
Establishing occlusal relationships.
Try-in and completion of the partial denture.
Delivering the removable partial denture.
Postinsertion observations.
Maintenance and repair of removable partial dentures / James S. Brudvik.
Interim, transitional, and treatment prostheses.
Other forms of removable partial dentures.
Attachments for removable partial dentures.