Table of Contents

Tissue engineering: from basic biology to cell-based applications / Robert M. Nerem.
Recent advances and future perspectives on somatic cell reprogramming / Kun-Yong Kim and In-Hyun Park.
Hematopietic stem cells / Jennifer J. Trowbridege.
Mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration / Ngana F. Huang and Song Li.
Delivery vehicles for deploying mesenchymal stem cells in tissue repair / Michael S. Friedman and J. Kent Leach.
Stem cells for cardiac tissue engineering / Jennifer L. Young, Karen L. Christman and Adam J. Engler.
Cardiovascular system: stem cells in tissue-engineered blood vessels / Rajendra Sawh-Martinez ... [et al.].
Stem cells for vascular regeneration: an engineering approach / Laura E. Dickinson and Sharon Gerecht.
Stem cells and wound repair / Sae Hee Ko ... [et al.].
Engineering cartilage: from materials to small molecules / Jeannine M. Coburn and Jennifer H. Elisseeff.
Adult stem cells for articular cartilage tissue engineering / Sushmita Saha ... [et al.].
Stem cells for disc repair / Aliza A. Allon ... [et al.].
Skeletal tissue engineering: progress and prospects / Nicholas J. Panetta, Deepak M. Gupta and Michael T. Longaker.
Clinical applications of a stem cell based therapy for oral bone reconstruction / Bradley McAllister and Kamran Haghighat.
Therapeutic strategies for repairing the injured spinal cord using stem cells / Michael S. Beattie and Jacqueline C. Bresnahan.
Potential of tissue engineering and neural stem cells in the understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases / Caroline Auclair-Daigle and François Berthod.
High-throughput systems for stem cell engineering / David A. Brafman, Karl Willert and Shu Chien.
Microscale technologies for tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation / Jason W. Nichol ... [et al.].
Quality control of autologous cell-and tissue-based therapies / Nathalie Dusserre, Todd McAllister and Nicholas L'Heureux.
Regulatory challenges for cell-based therapeutics / Todd McAllister ... [et al.].