Table of Contents

Two measures of risk : odds ratios and average rates.
Tabular data : the 2xð ðk table and summarizing 2 xð ð2 tables.
Two especially useful estimation tools.
Linear logistic regression : discrete data.
Logistic regression : continuous data.
Analysis of count data : poisson regression model.
Analysis of matched case/control data.
Spatial data : estimation and analysis.
Classification : three examples.
Three smoothing techniques.
Case study : description and analysis.
Longitudinal data analysis.
Analysis of multivariate tables.
Misclassification : a detailed description of a simple case.
Advanced topics. In this innovative new book, Steve Selvin provides readers with a clear understanding of intermediate biostatistical methods without advanced mathematics or statistical theory (for example, no Bayesian statistics, no causal inference, no linear algebra and only a slight hint of calculus). This text answers the important question: After a typical first-year course in statistical methods, what next? Statistical Tools for Epidemiologic Research thoroughly explains not just how statistical data analysis works, but how the analysis is accomplished. From the basic foundation laid in the introduction.