Table of Contents

""Acknowledgements""; ""Permission of reproduction""; ""1 Statistics and the study of language behaviour""; ""1.1 The structure of the book""; ""1.2 Basic statistical concepts""; ""1.3 A few preliminary remarks""; ""1.4 Other techniques""; ""1.5 Language statistics""; ""2 Analysis of variance""; ""2.1 Introduction""; ""2.2 A simple example""; ""2.3 One-way analysis of variance""; ""2.4 Testing effects: the F distribution""; ""2.5 Multi-factorial designs and interaction""; ""2.6 Random and fixed factors""; ""2.7 Testing effects in a two-factor design"" ""2.8 The interpretation of interactions""""2.9 Summary of the procedure""; ""2.10 Other design types""; ""2.11 A hierarchical three-factor design""; ""2.12 Simple main effects""; ""2.13 Post hoc comparisons and contrasts""; ""2.14 Strength of association""; ""2.15 Strange F ratios: testing hypotheses made difficult""; ""2.16 Pooling and unequal cell frequencies""; ""2.17 Overview of the steps in an analysis of variance""; ""3 Multiple regression""; ""3.1 Introduction""; ""3.2 Simple regression""; ""3.3 Tests of significance""; ""3.4 Two independent variables""; ""3.5 Selecting a model"" ""3.6 Multicollinearity""""3.7 Coding nominal independent variables""; ""3.8 Comparing regression lines""; ""3.9 Measurement and specification errors""; ""4 More ANOVA and MR: assumptions and alternatives""; ""4.1 Introduction""; ""4.2 Assumptions in analysis of variance""; ""4.3 Homoscedasticity""; ""4.4 The impact of transformations""; ""4.5 Unbalanced designs: unequal cell frequencies""; ""4.6 Repeated measures and MANOVA""; ""4.7 A nonparametric alternative: randomization tests""; ""4.8 Bootstrapping""; ""4.9 Assumptions in linear multiple regression""; ""4.10 Plots and diagnostics"" ""4.11 Outliers and influential observations""""4.12 Linearizing transformations""; ""4.13 Time series analysis""; ""4.14 Alternative regression techniques""; ""5 Reliability and agreement among raters""; ""5.1 Introduction""; ""5.2 Reliability: true scores and the error component""; ""5.3 Interrater reliability""; ""5.4 Interrater agreement""; ""5.5 Intrarater reliability and agreement""; ""6 Introductory matrix algebra""; ""6.1 Introduction""; ""6.2 Matrices and vectors""; ""6.3 Matrix operations""; ""6.4 Three applications""; ""6.5 Some special matrices"" ""6.6 Some key concepts in matrix algebra""""6.7 Some matrix operations for statistical data""; ""7 Factor analysis""; ""7.1 Introduction""; ""7.2 Dimensionality reduction""; ""7.3 Axis rotation and linear tranformation""; ""7.4 Criteria for dimensionality reduction""; ""7.5 The role of eigenvalues in principal component analysis""; ""7.6 Loadings""; ""7.7 A PC analysis with SPSS: the two-variable example""; ""7.8 Principal component analysis or factor analysis?""; ""7.9 How many factors/components are to be retained?""; ""7.10 Which factor loadings are significant?""; ""7.11 Data problems""