Table of Contents

Stancetaking in discourse : an introduction / Robert Englebretson.
Using a corpus to investigate stance quantitatively and qualitatively / Susan Hunston.
Linking identity and dialect through stancetaking / Barbara Johnstone.
Grammatical resources for social purposes : some aspects of stancetaking in colloquial Indonesian conversation / Robert Englebretson.
Subjective and intersubjective uses of generalizations in English conversations / Joanne Scheibman.
The stance triangle / John W. Du Bois.
The role of I guess in conversational stancetaking / Elise Kärkkäinen.
Stance markers in spoken Finnish : minun mielestä and minusta in assessments / Mirka Rauniomaa.
Stancetaking as an interactional activity : challenging the prior speaker / Tiina Keisanen.
Positioning and alignment as activities of stancetaking in news interviews / Pentti Haddington. This volume contributes to the burgeoning field of research on stance by offering a variety of studies based in natural discourse. These collected papers explore the situated, pragmatic, and interactional character of stancetaking, and present new models and conceptions of stance to spark future research. Central to the volume is the claim that stancetaking encompasses five general principles: it involves physical, attitudinal and/or moral positioning; it is a public action; it is inherently dialogic, interactional, and sequential; it indexes broader sociocultural contexts; and it is consequen.