Table of Contents

What are stable isotopes?.
Natural abundance variation of stable isotopes.
Chemically identical and yet not the same.
Isotope effects, mass discrimination, and isotopic fractionation.
Stable isotopic distribution and isotopic fractionation of light elements in nature.
Stable isotope forensics in everyday life.
Set problems.
Mass spectrometry v. isotope ratio mass spectrometry.
Instrumentation and?-notation.
Isotopic calibration and quality control in CF-IRMS.
Statistical analysis of stable isotope data within a forensic context.
Forensic stable isotope analytical procedures.
Generic considerations for stable isotope analysis.
Set problems.
The forensic context.
Distinguishing drugs.
Elucidating explosives.
Matching matchsticks.
Provenancing people.
Stable isotope forensics of other physical evidence.