Table of Contents

What is spirituality?.
The impact of culture.
Varieties of spiritual experience.
Spiritual recovery movements.
Therapy of a different kind. I. WHAT IS SPIRITUALITY?. 1. Spirituality Emerges. 2. A Psychological Perspective. 3. Spirituality and the Brain. II. THE IMPACT OF CULTURE. 4. The Apparent Conflict. 5. Problems With Spirituality. 6. When Something Is Missing. III. VARIETIES OF SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. 7. Christian Psychiatry. 8. Spirituality in India. 9. Liberal Islam. 10. Hospital Chaplaincy: Confronting Illness and Death. IV. SPIRITUAL RECOVERY MOVEMENTS. 11. Alternative Medicine. 12. Alcoholics Anonymous. V. THERAPY OF A DIFFERENT KIND. 13. 14. 15. 16.