Table of Contents

Towards a joint paradigm reconciling faith and research / Thomas St. James O'Connor and Elizabeth Meakes.
A critical dialogue between theology and psychology / Paul J. Rennick.
Assessing plurality in spirituality definitions / Pam McCarroll, Thomas St. James O'Connor, and Elizabeth Meakes.
Spirituality and family medicine / Cheryl Levitt.
Congregational life after abuse / Carol Penner.
Islamic spiritual care in a health care setting / Nazila Isgandarova.
Communication in spiritual care among people with dementia / Ellen Bouchard Ryan, Lori Schindel-Martin, and Amanda Beaman.
Spirituality and addiction / Lori Edey.
Spirituality in occupational therapy / Sue Baptiste.
Using a labryinth in spiritual care / Ingrid Bloos.
A wholistic approach to healing : an individual, family, and community model / Calvin Morrisseau.
Old religion, new spirituality, and health care / Carlton F. Brown.
God-talk in the spiritual care of palliative patients / Colleen Lashmar.
Measuring and assessing suffering in arthritic patients / Beverley Clarke ... [et al.].
Psychosomatics and the spiritual entities of the human psyche / Marie-Line Morin.
Life-threatening illness : a dangerous opportunity / Beverly Musgrave.
The neurobiology of consciousness and spiritual transformation in healing / Stephen M. Sagar. Annotation Annotation