Table of Contents

Speech and voice disorders in Parkinson's Disease / Sabine Skodda.
Speech and Literacy: The Connection and the Relevance to Clinical Populations / Jonathan L. Preston.
Imaging of Brain Function with Positron Emission Tomography and its Role in Aphasia Research / Wolf-Dieter Heiss.
Using Spanish in the Home to Promote School Readiness in English / Virginia Mann, Maricela Sandoval, Lorena Garcia, David Calderon.
New Frontiers in Understanding Speech Sound Disorder: Unraveling the Mysteries of Genetic Causes / Beate Peter.
Treatment Outcomes of the Intensive Stuttering Therapy for Adolescents and Adults / Rodney Gabel, Farzan Irani, Scott Palasik, Eric Swartz, Charlie Hughes.
Is Prosody a Diagnostic and Cognitive Bellwether of Autism Spectrum Disorders? / Joshua John Diehl, Lauren D. Berkovits.
The Multi Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP) in Conjunction with Other Tests in the Evaluation of Speech and Voice Disorders: Our Experience / A. Salami, R. Mora, B. Crippa, M. Dellepiane, B. Jankowska.
Learning Disabilities and Mathematics in Higher Education / Brian Watson, Stuart Rowlands.
Speech Evaluation and Speech Rehabilitation after Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Treatment / Viviane de Carvalho-Teles, Ingrid Gielow.
Audience Effects on Stuttering: A Japanese Case Study / Jun Yamada, Takanobu Homma.
Silent Children: Understanding and Treating Selective Mutism / Katharina Manassis.
Effectiveness of Speech Rate-Conversion Software for Patients with Dysarthria / Masaki Nishio, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Chikako Sakabibara, Naoko Abe.
Speech Problems in Dyslexia: Evidence from Auditory and Visual Speech Perception / Joshua Ramirez, Virginia Mann.