Table of Contents

Sound Patterns in Interaction; Editorial page; Title page; LCC page; Table of contents; List of contributors; Introduction; Conversation and phonetics; Practices and resources for turn transition; Non-modal voice quality and turn-taking in Finnish; Prosody for marking transition-relevance places in Japanese conversation; Turn-final intonation in English; Prosodic resources, turn-taking and overlap in children's talk-in-interaction; Projecting and expanding turns; On some interactional and phonetic properties of increments to turns in talk-in-interaction; Prolixity as adaptation. This collection of original papers by eminent phoneticians, linguists and sociologists offers the most recent findings on phonetic design in interactional discourse available in an edited collection. The chapters examine the organization of phonetic detail in relation to social actions in talk-in-interaction based on data drawn from diverse languages: Japanese, English, Finnish, and German, as well as from diverse speakers: children, fluent adults and adults with language loss. Because similar methodology is deployed for the investigation of similar conversational tasks in different languages.