Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Introduction to the Solid State ₆ Physical Properties and Processes / Ingvar Ym̌n.
X-Ray Diffraction / Chris J Gilmore.
Spectroscopic Characterization / Andrew O'Neil, Howell Edwards.
Thermal Analysis ₆ Conventional Techniques / Mark Saunders, Paul Gabbott.
Thermal Analysis ₆ Dielectric Techniques / Susan Barker, Milan D Antonijevic.
Isothermal Calorimetric Analysis / Andrew Hills.
Calorimetric Methods ₆ Solution Calorimetry / Simon Gaisford.
Vapour Sorption and Surface Analysis / Jerry Y Y Heng, Daryl R Williams.
Microscopy / Gary Nichols, Shen Luk, Clive Roberts.
Particulate Analysis ₆ Mechanical Properties / Ron J Roberts.
Particulate Analysis ₆ Particle Size / Xian-Ming Zeng.
Computational Polymorph Prediction / Sarah L Price, Louise S Price.
Patenting of Inventions Relating to Polymorphs / Bertrand Gellie, Claire Johnson, Thomas Weisbrod.
A ₁Roadmap₂ to Solid Form Selection / Richard Storey.
Index. Introduction to the solid state : physical properties and processes.
X-ray diffraction.
Spectroscopic characterisation.
Dielectric spectroscopy and thermally stimulated current spectroscopy : use in the characterisation of solid state pharmaceutical systems.
Solid state characterisation of pharmaceuticals.
Calorimetric methods : solution calorimetry.
Vapour sorption for bulk and surface analysis.
Mechanical properties of pharmaceutical materials.
Particle size assessment.
Computational polymorph prediction.
Patenting of inventions relating to polymorphs.
A 'roadmap' to solid form selection. The field of solid state characterization is central to the pharmaceutical industry, as drug products are, in an overwhelming number of cases, produced as solid materials. Selection of the optimum solid form is a critical aspect of the development of pharmaceutical compounds, due to their ability to exist in more than one form or crystal structure (polymorphism). These polymorphs exhibit different physical properties which can affect their biopharmaceutical properties. This book provides an up-to-date review of the current techniques used to characterize pharmaceutical solids. Ensuring balance.