Table of Contents

Theoretical and historical perspectives. Social relationships and health / Sheldon Cohen, Benjamin H. Gottlieb, Lynn G. Underwood.
Social support measures. Social support theory and measurement / Brian Lakey, Sheldon Cohen.
Measuring social integration and social networks / Ian Brissette, Sheldon Cohen, Teresa E. Seeman.
Measuring perceived and received social support / Thomas A. Wills, Ori Shinar.
Measuring relationship properties and interactions relevant to social support / Harry T. Reis, Nancy Collins.
Social support interventions. Selecting and planning support interventions / Benjamin H. Gottlieb.
Support groups / Vicki S. Helgeson, Benjamin H. Gottlieb.
One-to-one support interventions : home visitation and mentoring / John Eckenrode, Stephen Hamilton.
Optimizing support in the natural network / Carolyn E. Cutrona, Valerie Cole.
Implications. Social support measurement and interventions : comments and future directions / Karen S. Rook, Lynn G. Underwood. Contributors. Part I. Theoretical and Historical Perspectives. 1. Social Relationships and Health, Sheldon Cohen, Benjamin H. Gottlieb, and Lynn G. Underwood. Part II. Social Support Measures. 2. Social Support Theory and Measurement, Brian Lakey and Sheldon Cohen. 3. Measuring Social Integration and Social Networks, Ian Brissette, Sheldon Cohen, and Teresa E. Seeman. 4. Measuring Perceived and Received Social Support, Thomas A. Wills and Ori Shinar. 5. Measuring Relationship Properties and Interactions Relevant to Social Support, Harry T. Reis and Nancy Collins. Part III. Social Support Inter.