Table of Contents

Book Cover; Title; Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction to Social Rage; The Measures and Meanings of Social Rage: Reality versus Perceptions; Social Rage and the Survivalist Right; Social Rage against Crime, Criminals, and Crime Control; Social Rage and Minority Relations; Social Rage and the Religious Fringe; Social Rage and Politics; Social Rage and the Media; Social Rage: Summary, Final Thoughts, and Recommendations; Field Notes, Tokyo Metropolitan University; Bumper Sticker and Radio Talk-Show Surveys by Pacific Lutheran University Students; Author Index; Subject Index. This book defines and describes the meaning of social rage by examining the influence of social forces such as economic conditions, population diversity and power shifts. The role of the media, in particular its encouragement of social rage through sensationalism, is also handled in this book. The author approaches the issue of social rage on both an individual and a collective level with the goal of revealing its motivations and its impact.