Table of Contents

Historical framework for social epidemiology : social determinants of population health / Lisa F. Berkman and Ichiro Kawachi.
Socioeconomic status and health / M. Maria Glymour, Mauricio Avendano, and Ichiro Kawachi.
Discrimination and health inequities / Nancy Krieger.
Income inequality / Ichiro Kawachi and SV Subramanian.
Working conditions and health / Lisa F. Berkman, Ichiro Kawachi, and Tr̲es Theorell.
Labor markets, employment policies, and health / Mauricio Avendano and Lisa F. Berkman.
Social network epidemiology / Lisa F. Berkman and Aditi Krishna.
Social capital, social cohesion, and health / Ichiro Kawachi and Lisa F. Berkman.
Affective states and health / Laura D. Kubzansky, Ashley Winning, and Ichiro Kawachi.
Changing health behaviors in a social context / Cassandra Okechukwu, Kirsten Davison, and Karen Emmons.
Experimental psychosocial interventions / Thomas A. Glass, Amii M. Kress, and Lisa F. Berkman.
Policies as tools for research and translation in social epidemiology / M. Maria Glymour.
Applications of behavioral economics to improve health / Ichiro Kawachi.
Biological pathways linking social conditions and health : plausible mechanisms and emerging puzzles / Laura D. Kubzansky, Teresa E. Seeman, M. Maria Glymour.
From science to policy / Michael Marmot and Jessica Allen.