Table of Contents

A historical framework for social epidemiology / Lisa F. Berkman, Ichiro Kawachi.
Socioeconomic position / John Lynch, George Kaplan.
Discrimination and health / Nancy Krieger.
Income inequality and health / Ichiro Kawachi.
Working conditions and health / Töres Theorell.
The impact of job loss and retirement on health / Stanislav V. Kasl, Beth A. Jones.
Social integration, social networks, social support, and health / Lisa F. Berkman, Thomas Glass.
Social cohesion, social capital, and health / Ichiro Kawachi, Lisa Berkman.
Depression and medical illness / Robert M. Carney, Kenneth E. Freedland.
Affective states and health / Laura Kubzansky, Ichiro Kawachi.
Health behaviors in a social context / Karen M. Emmons.
Psychosocial intervention / Thomas A. Glass.
Toward a new social biology / Eric J. Brunner.
Ecological approaches : rediscovering the role of the physical and social environment / Sally Macintyre, Anne Ellaway.
Multilevel approaches to understanding social determinants / Michael Marmot.
Health and social policy / S. Jody Heymann