Table of Contents

Dysmorphology approach and classification.
Recognizable patterns of malformation.
Deletion, duplication, and microduplication syndromes identifiable using molecular technology.
Very small stature, not skeletal dysplasia.
Moderate short stature, facial, ℗ł genital.
Senile-like appearance.
Early overgrowth with associated defects.
Unusual brain and/or neuromuscular findings with associated defects.
Facial defects as major feature.
Facial-limb defects as major feature.
Limb defect as major feature.
Osteochondrodysplasia with osteopetrosis.
Craniosynostosis syndromes.
Other skeletal dysplasias.
Storage disorders.
Connective tissue disorders.
Ectodermal dysplasias.
Environmental agents.
Miscellaneous syndromes.
Miscellaneous sequences.
Spectra of defects.
Miscellaneous associations.
Genetics, genetic counseling, and prevention.
Minor anomalies : clues to more serious problems and to the recognition of malformation syndromes.
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