Table of Contents

History of regional anesthesia / Kristopher Schroeder.
General considerations / Luis Campoy and Kristopher Schroeder.
Patient preparation / Luis Campoy and Matt R. Read.
Clinical pharmacology and toxicology of local anesthetics and adjuncts / Manuel Martin-Flores.
Equipment for loco-regional anesthesia and analgesia / Matt R. Read.
Equipment : peripheral nerve stimulators / Robert M. Raw, Matt R. Read, Luis Campoy.
Equipment : ultrasound / Olga Seco, Laura Zarucco, and Luis Campoy.
Incisional infiltration of local anesthetics and use of wound catheters / Matt R. Read.
The eye / Elizabeth A. Giuliano and Karen P. Walsh.
The oral cavity / Margherita Gracis.
The thoracic limb / Luis Campoy and Matt R. Read.
The trunk / Matt R. Read and Carrie A. Schroeder.
The pelvic limb / Luis Campoy and Stephan Mahler.
Epidural and spinal anesthesia / Pablo Otero and Luis Campoy.
Intravenous regional anesthesia / Francesco Staffieri.