Table of Contents

Skin Disorders in Immunocompromised Diabetes Patients.
Skin Disorders of AIDS Patients.
Skin Disorders in Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies.
Cancer Patients and Skin Disease.
Skin Disease in Solid Organ Transplant Patients.
Graft vs Host Disease and Skin Manifestations.
Cutaneous Reactions to the Biologics.
Cutaneous Reactions to Chemotherapy.
Cutaneous Reactions to Corticosteroids.
Cutaneous Reactions to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors.
Cutaneous Manifestations of Aging and Immunodeficiency.
UVA and UVB Therapy: Practical Applications and Implications for the Immunosuppressed Patient and Skin Disease.
Skin Cancer in the Immunocompromised.
Radiation Therapy for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer in Immunosuppressed Patients and Cutaneous Toxicity from This Therapy. As the number of surviving immune suppressed patients continues to rise, skin manifestations of patients have become increasingly important. AIDS patients, and renal, heart, liver, bone marrow, and lung transplant patients are now living longer and immunosuppressive drugs are being used more frequently. Diabetes is rising in the US and around the world, offering its own unique brand of immune suppressed skin diseases. The skin may be the earliest sign of these conditions and be the organ showing the most profound, earliest, and treatment limiting side effects. Skin Diseases in the Immunocompromised is the most comprehensive book on the topic available. It elucidates the signs of immune suppressed skin diseases to afford early diagnosis and management of this ever-increasing diverse group of illnesses. Organized for easy access, this book will be an essential resource for residents and fellows in dermatology and infectious diseases medical professionals.