Table of Contents

Aging skin in sociocultural perspective / Robert L. Rubinstein and Sarah Canham.
Market evolution of topical anti-aging treatments / Ni'Kita Wilson.
Computer-based age progression methodologies / Andreas Lanitis.
Structural and biochemical changes in aging skin and their impact on skin permeability barrier / Rashmi Thakur ... [et al.].
Changes in epidermal lipids and sebum secretion with aging / Philip W. Wertz.
Skin disorders of inflammation and immune suppression in young and elder: a special role for mast cells / Moran Elishmereni and Francesca Levi-Schaffer.
Cellular senescence and skin aging / Elena Dellambra and Goberdhan P. Dimri.
Prevention and treatment of aging skin with topical antioxidants / Karen E. Burke.
Skin aging in the Asian population / Helen Knaggs.
The use of natural compounds and botanicals in the development of anti-aging skin care products / Cindy K. Angerhofer, Daniel Maes, and Paolo U. Giacomoni.
Approaches to the development of cosmetic products to counter the effects of skin aging / Gopinathan K. Menon, Laurence Dryer, and Robert Kalafsky.
The design and development of anti-aging formulations / Domnica Cernasov.
In vitro methods to screen materials for anti-aging effects / Robert W. Holtz.
Clinical testing to uphold an anti-aging claim / Toni Miller.
Cosmetic anti-aging formulations: international regulatory aspects / Azalea P. Rosholt.
Strategic regulatory planning : key to success in anti-aging cosmetic product development / Wen Schroeder. Produce new breakthroughs in anti-aging products