Table of Contents

Introduction : (Re)Thinking about Everyday Life and Activism.
Theorising the Familiar : Practices and Places.
Researching Practices, Places and Representations : Methodologies and Methods.
Beyond Doing the Dishes : Putting Kitchen Practices in Place.
Making the Sensory Home : Laundry Routes and Energy Flows.
Tracing Neighbourhood Flows : Making a Garden Place.
(Re)Making Towns : Sustainable Activist Places, Practices and Representations.
The Digital Places of Everyday Life : Thinking about Activism and the Internet.
Conclusions : Sustainable Places, Activist Practices and Everyday Life. "The study of everyday life is fundamental to our understanding of modern society. This agenda-setting book provides a coherent, interdisciplinary way to engage with everyday activities and environments. Arguing for an innovative, ethnographic approach, it uses detailed examples, based in real world and digital research, to bring its theories to life. The book focuses on the sensory, embodied, mobile and mediated elements of practice and place as a route to understanding wider issues. By doing so, it convincingly outlines a robust theoretical and methodological approach to understanding contemporary everyday life and activism. A fresh, timely book, this is an excellent resource for students and researchers of everyday life, activism and sustainability across the social sciences"--Provided by publisher