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Preliminaries; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1 Silk; 2 Mohair; 3 Cashmere camelhair and other hair fibres; References; Bibliography; Glossary; Appendix 1 International trade rules for raw silk and other products of silk; Appendix 2 Spider silk; Appendix 3 Composition of mohair fibres and of amino acids; Appendix 4 Mohair yarn spinning and properties; Appendix 5 Mohair fibre and fabric properties; Appendix 6 Mohair dyeing and finishing; Appendix 7 Mohair product list; Appendix 8 Rules for the use of the Mohair trade mark (label); Appendix 9 Scotland and China and cashmere trade. Although none of the luxury fibres, including silk, is produced in large quantities, their particular and unique qualities of fineness, softness, warmth and pleasurable handle mean that they occupy a very important place in the luxury apparel and fine furnishing trades. This book covers all aspects of the growth, physical characteristics, production, marketing and consumption of silk, mohair, cashmere, camelhair, Alpaca, Llama, Vicuna, Guanaco, Yak and Musk Ox fibres. The image of these fabrics is of course all-important, and the book describes in detail those rare occasions when a lower price.