Table of Contents

1. Evolution of Shoulder Arthroplasty.
2. Becoming a Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgeon.
3. Operating Room Setup.
4. Anesthesia, Patient Positioning, and Patient Preparation.
5. Long Head of the Biceps Tendon.
6. Indications and Contraindications.
7. Preoperative Planning and Imaging.
8. Surgical Approach.
9. Subscapularis.
10. Glenoid Exposure.
11. Humeral Component.
12. Glenoid Component.
13. Soft Tissue Balancing.
14. Subscapularis and Rotator Interval Repair.
15. Wound Closure and Postoperative Orthosis.
16. Results and Complications.
17. Indications and Contraindications.
18. Preoperative Planning and Imaging.
19. Surgical Approach and Handling of the Tuberosities.
20. Humeral Prosthetic Positioning.
21. Tuberosity Reduction and Fixation.
22. Wound Closure and Postoperative Orthosis.
23. Results and Complications.
24. Indications and Contraindications.
25. Preoperative Planning and Imaging.
26. Surgical Approach.
27. Glenoid Exposure.
28. Humeral Component.
29. Glenoid Component.
30. Reduction and Deltoid Tensioning.
31. Wound Closure and Postoperative Orthosis.
32. Results and Complications.
33. Humeral Surface Replacement.
34. Biologic Glenoid Resurfacing.
35. Indications and Contraindications.
36. Preoperative Planning, Imaging, and Special Tests.
37. Surgical Approach.
38. Humeral Stem Removal and Glenoid Exposure.
39. Humeral Component.
40. Glenoid Component.
41. Wound Closure and Postoperative Orthosis.
42. Results and Complications.
43. Rehabilitation after Shoulder Arthroplasty.
44. Future Directions in Shoulder Arthroplasty. Here is a technique intensive textbook of shoulder arthroplasty detailing how to handle all relevant aspects of shoulder replacement surgery. Distinguished shoulder surgeons Gary M. Gartsman, author of the well-received Shoulder Arthroscopy, and T. Bradley Edwards provide step-by-step details for each category of shoulder arthroplasty, covering indications and contraindications, pre-operative planning and imaging, results and complications, and more. Copious color intraoperative photographs and illustrations and a bonus DVD of 17 surgical video clips of procedures discussed in the text complete the package and make this book one that all shoulder surgeons need to have at hand! Presents the personal techniques of two master surgeons to give you the benefit of an authoritative approach to challenging surgeries as well as a consistent tone throughout the book. Covers pre-operative planning and surgical techniques in meticulous detail, including Glenoid Component, Reduction/Deltoid Tensioning, Humeral Surface Replacement, and Biological Glenoid Resurfacing. Emphasizes results, complications, and the important topic of post-operative orthosis and rehabilitation to provide a timely focus on outcomes, a rapidly growing trend in orthopaedic surgery. Features intraoperative photographs accompanied by line drawings for added clarification of the procedures.Organizes material in a consistent, structured format for easier use of the text as a technical reference. Includes a bonus DVD of 17 surgical techniques-including Pegged Glenoid Component Insertion, Subscapularis Repair, and Wound Closure-to further your mastery of technical details.