Table of Contents

Environmental psychology / Susan C. Knasko.
Software engineering, computer science / Mary E. Campione.
Archaeology / Shelley J. Smith.
Mathematics and computer science / Maryam Shayegan Hastings.
Civil engineering / Donna McConnaha Sheehy.
Mathematics / Linda Valdés.
Electrical engineering / Jill S. Baylor.
Physics, x-ray astronomy research / Lynn R. Cominsky.
Mathematics / Renate McLaughlin.
Physics, astronaut crew training instructor / Rena Haldiman.
Business data processing / Elaine Anselm.
Software engineering, real estate investment / Smadar Agmon.
Quality engineering / Christine Eckerle.
Health science / Sally Irene Lipsey.
Nursing education / Janean D. Bowen.
Electrical engineering, space systems / Amy C.R. Gerson.
Oil and gas accounting / Marilyn K. Halpin.
Business administration higher education / Martha Leva.
Aerospace engineering / Caroline P. Nguyen.
Structural engineering / Linda K. Lanham.
Computer science / Marla Parker.
Mathematics / Eileen L. Poiani.
Dietetics, foodservice management and nutrition / Nancy Powers Siler.
Electrical engineering / Fahmida N. Chowdhury.
Chemical engineering, retired / Rosalie Dinkey.
Software engineering / Susan J. LoVerso.
Immunology and microbiology / Eileen Thatcher.
Mechanical engineering / Julie A. Pollitt.
HMO pharmacy practice and management / Helen Townsend-Beteet.
Opthalmology / Jane D. Kivlin.
Electrical engineering / Sharon G. Lum.
Fish pathology / Beth MacConnell.
Computer science and computer graphics / Barbara Swetman.
Mathematics and computing / Polly Moore.
Electrical engineering / Lynn Stiglich.
Astronomy / Nancy G. Roman.
Author / Claudia Zaslavsky.
Mathematics / Jean E. Taylor.
Reflections on WAM / Eileen L. Poiani. Presents the career histories of 38 professional women describing how much math each took in high school and college, how she chose her field of study, and how she ended up in her current job. Each woman presents several problems typical of those she had to solve on the job using mathematics.