Table of Contents

Volume 1. Section I: Esophagus and Hernia. Part one: Anatomy and physiology of the esophagus.
Part two: Diagnostic evaluation of the esophagus.
Part three: Esophageal motility disorders and diverticula.
Part four: Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Part five: Paraesophageal hernia.
Part six: Barrett esophagus.
Part seven: Esophageal cancer.
Part eight: Miscellaneous esophageal conditions.
Part nine: Hernia.
Section II: Stomach and small intestine.
Volume 2. Section III: Pancreas, biliary tract, liver, and spleen. Part one: Pancreas.
Part two: Biliary Tract.
Part three: Liver.
Part four: Spleen.
Section IV: Colon, rectum, and anus. Part one: Anatomy, physiology, and diagnosis of colorectal and anal diseases.
Part two: Benign colon, rectal, and anal conditions.
Part three: Inflammatory diseases.
Part four: Neoplastic disease.
Part five: Techniques and pearls. "For more than 60 years, Shackelford's Surgery of the Alimentary Tract has served as the cornerstone reference in this fast-moving field. With comprehensive coverage of all aspects of GI surgery, the 8th Edition, by Drs. Charles J. Yeo, Steven R. DeMeester, David W. McFadden, Jeffrey B. Matthews, and James W. Fleshman, offers lavishly illustrated, authoritative guidance on endoscopic, robotic, and minimally invasive procedures, as well as current medical therapies. Each section is edited by a premier authority in GI surgery; chapters reflect key topics and are written by a "who's who" of international experts in the field. It's your one-stop resource for proven, systematic approaches to all relevant adult and pediatric GI disorders and operation"--Publisher's description.