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Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials II; Preface and Conference Organization; Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Measurement Theory and its Application; Room Temperature Sample Scanning SQUID Microscope for Imaging the Magnetic Fields of Geological Specimens; On-Line Oil Condition Monitoring System; Remote Testing of the UHF Radiation Field Generated by Corona Discharge of the Transmission Lines; Measurement of Amplifier Open-Loop Amplitude Frequency Characteristics Based on Virtual Instrument. A Method to Calculate the Net Power Delivered into a TEM Cell Using a Directional Coupler in a Probe Calibration ApplicationResearch on K Distribution in Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit Test; The Method for Extraction of Marine Underwater Electromagnetic Anomalous Field; Thermal Test of Lunar Rock Drill Bit in Vacuum Environment; High Sediment Concentration Underwater Communication Using Current Field; Dynamic Analysis of the Acoustic Velocity Profile Observation Underwater Glider; Research on Energy Harvesting Device Based on Spatial Electric Field. A New Measuring Method of the Relatively Permittivity Based on Antenna's Resonant CharacteristicsStudy of Novel Percussion Medical Signal Measurement Mode; Study of Micro Vibration Measurement Using the Model of STM; The Application of Parametric Acoustic Receiving Array to Vehicle Radiated Underwater Noise Measurement; Deformation Monitoring Method Based on Photogrammetry Technology; Infrared Monitoring Studies of Winding Temperature Rise in Electrical Equipment; Measurement Device and System for Temperature Regulation Properties Evaluation of Textile Fabrics. Environment Monitoring System for Precise Agriculture Based on Wireless Sensor NetworkDesign of Oil-Water Interface Meter Based on Segmental Capacitance Sensors; The Fall Detection Method Based on the Wireless Acceleration Sensor; An Air Quality Monitoring System Based on Sensor Array and Framework of Cloud Computing; Strain Measurement for Sheet Metal Forming Based on Close Range Photogrammetry; Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits with Tolerance Based on Simulation-before-Test and Distance Algorithm. On-Line Monitoring Method of Drive Motor Operational for On-Load Tap ChangersComputer Hard Disk Planeness Vision Measurement System Calibration Based on Light Plane Constraint; Study on the Working Fluid Conductivity Measuring Technology of MSWEDM; Study on the Technology Development Status of Ballistic Identification; Research on Flow Measurement Technology in the Field Test of Pumping Station Engineering; The Design of TPMS Hand-Held Diagnostic Instrument; Design of Remote Reservoir Water Level Monitoring System Based on GPRS; Design of a Remote Water Monitoring System. Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials (ICSMIM 20I3), November 16-17, 2013, Guangzhou, China. The 343 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Measurement Theory and Its Application; Chapter 2: Data Acquisition and Processing; Chapter 3: Images, Sound and Other Multimedia Technologies; Chapter 4: Sensors and Applications; Chapter 5: Control System Modeling and Simulation Technology; Chapter 6: Industrial Robotics and Automation; Chapter 7: Intelligent Traffic Control; Chapter 8: Intelligent Syst.