Table of Contents

Introduction : the nature, extent, and modifiability of self-care behaviors in later life / Marcia G. Ory, Gordon H. DeFriese, and Alfred P. Duncker.
The patterns of self-care among older adults in Western industrialized societies / Thomas R. Konrad.
Dynamics and processes of self-care in old age / Eleanor Palo Stoller.
The research basis for the design and implementation of self-care programs / Thomas Prohaska.
Evaluating psychosocial interventions for promoting self-care behaviors among older adults / William Rakowski.
Enhancing self-care research : exploring the theoretical underpinnings of self-care / Elaine A. Leventhal, Howard Leventhal, and Chantal Robitaille.
The role of social science research in understanding technology use among older adults / Laura N. Gitlin.
Self-care in minority and ethnic populations : the experience of older Black Americans / Lucille Davis and May L. Wykle.
International perspectives on self-care research / Kathryn Dean.
Afterword : toward a research agenda for addressing the potential of self-care in later life / Gordon H. DeFriese, Marcia G. Ory, and Donald M. Vickery.
Appendix : self-care in later life : an annotated bibliography of research findings and policy issues / Alison Woomert. &Quot;This volume is uncontestably the most comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject of self-care available to date. It should set the stage for a new policy perspective on building a health care system that incorporates self-care at its core."-- Lowell S. Levin, Yale School of Public Health. Practitioners and researchers who work with older adults are challenged to find ways to strengthen an elderly person's capacity to cope wiht age-related changes that threaten independence. This volume assesses the efficacy of self-care in maintaining autonomy. It applies a broad definition.