Table of Contents

Linking the self and society in social gerontology : crossing new territory via old questions / Carol D. Ryff, Victor W. Marshall, & Philippa J. Clarke.
Social perspectives on the self in later life / Linda K. George.
Neoteny, naturalization, and other constituents of human development / Dale Dannefer.
Continuity theory, self, and social structure / Robert C. Atchley.
Identity and adaptation to the aging process / Susan Krauss Whitbourne.
Self-development in adulthood and aging : the role of critical life events / Manfred Diehl.
Practical consciousness, social class, and self-concept : a view from sociology / Jon Hendricks.
Educational attainment and self-making in later life / Melissa M. Franks ... [et al.].
Forging macro-micro linkages in the study of psychological well-being / Carol D. Ryff ... [et al.].
Income and subjective well-being over the life cycle / Richard A. Easterlin & Christine M. Schaeffer.
Structure and agency in the retirement process : a case study of Montreal garment workers / Julie A. McMullin & Victor W. Marshall.
Gender and distress in later life : the importance of lifelong employment and familial experiences / Lorraine Davis.
The caregiving context : the intersection of social and individual influences in the experience of family caregiving / Marsha Mailick Seltzer & Jan S. Greenberg.
Linking social structure and self-concept : variations in sense of mastery / Marilyn McKean Skaff.
Intersections of society, family, and self among Hispanics in middle and later life / Sonia Miner & Julian Montoro-Rodriguez.
The social psychology of values : effects of individual development, social change, and family transmission over the life span / Robert E.L. Roberts & Vern L. Bengtson. This volume focuses on the experience of growing old as it is linked to societal factors. Ryff and Marshall construct this "macro" view of aging in society by bridging disciplines and brining together contributors from all the social sciences.