Table of Contents

Encountering American Indians in Britain: visits and virtual journeys.
American Indians in the British press.
Lessons from a decade of conflict and the formation of a new imperial regime.
The new imperial regime at work.
'Under the rudest form in which we can conceive man to subsist': the Scottish enlightenment and the North American Indians.
Empire through evangelization: the society for the propagation of the Gospel and the American Indians.
American Indians and Britain's American War of Independence. Savages within the Empire explores how Britons perceived and represented American Indians during a time when the empire and its constituent peoples began to capture the nation's sustained attention for the first time. Troy Bickham considers an array of contexts,including newspapers, imperial policy, museum exhibits, the Enlightenment, missionary records, and the public outcry over the use of American Indians as allies during the American War of Independence. He thus. reveals the prevailing pragmatism with which Britons of all ranks approached the empire as well as its impact on British culture.