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Introduction ---- Part I. Testimonies and Accounts. 1 The Place and the Residents Between the Emigrations of 1948 and 1982 --- 2 The Israeli Army Encircles the District --- 3 Thursday 16 September 1982 --- 4 Friday 17 September 1982 --- 5 Saturday 18 September 1982 --- 6 The Killer and the Victim ---- Part II. Statistics and Comparisons. 7 Field Study, Spring 1984 --- 8 Counting the Victims ---- Conclusion Who was Responsible? ---- Appendixes. The book covers the history of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, which took place over three bloody days in the Lebanese capital Beirut. It was committed against Palestinian refugees by Lebanese militias, aided and supervised by the Israeli Army, which had encircled the district. Now available for the first time in English, this classic book is the most comprehensive, authoritative account of what happened and who was responsible. The author, Bayan Nuwayhed al-Hout, was a Professor at the Lebanese University at the time. Driven by the horror of what occured, she interviewed survivors and set up an oral history project immediately after the massacre to preserve testimonies. This book is the result. Following a general introduction, the first part contains interviews mainly with victims' families. The second part analyses statistical data and attempts to determine the number of victims. The conclusion, 'Who Was Responsible?', sheds light on the various parties responsible..
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