Table of Contents

V. 1.
Sect. 1: Thoracic surgery.
pt. A: Evaluation and care.
pt. B: Endoscopy.
pt. C: Trauma.
pt. D: Trachea.
pt. E: Benign lung disease.
pt. F: Lung cancer.
pt. G: Other lung malignancy.
pt. H: Chest wall.
pt. I: Pleura.
pt. J: Diaphragm.
pt. K: Esophagus-Benign disease.
pt. L: Esophagus-cancer.
pt. M: Mediastinum.
pt. N: The future.
Sect. 2: Adult cardiac surgery.
pt. A: Basic science.
pt. B: Diagnostic procedures.
pt. C: Medical- and catheter-based treatment of cardiovascular disease.
pt. D: Perioperative and intraoperative care of the cardiac surgical patient.
V. 2.
pt. E: Surgical management of aortic disease.
pt. F: Surgical management of valvular heart disease.
pt. G: Management of cardiac arrhythmias.
pt. H: Surgical management of coronary artery disease and its complications.
pt. I: Surgical management of heart failure.
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