Table of Contents

Biomechanics of fractures and fracture fixation.
Classification of fractures.
The epidemiology of fractures.
Bone and joint healing.
Biological and biophysical technologies for the enhancement of fracture repair.
Principles of nonoperative fracture treatment.
Principles of internal fixation.
Principles of external fixation.
Management of the multiply injured patient.
Initial management of open fractures.
Gunshot and wartime injuries.
Principles of mangled extremity management.
Bone and soft tissue reconstruction.
Outcome studies in trauma.
Imaging considerations in orthopaedic trauma.
Computer-aided orthopaedic surgery in skeletal trauma.
Principles of osteoporosis and fragility fractures.
Stress fractures.
Pathologic fractures.
Periprosthetic fractures.
Systemic complications.
Principles of complex regional pain syndrome.
Orthopaedic infections and osteomyelitis.
Principles of nonunion treatment.
Principles of malunions.
Acute compartment syndrome.
Hand fractures and dislocations.
Carpus fractures and dislocations.
Distal radius and ulna fractures.
Radial and ulnar shaft fractures.
Elbow fractures and dislocations.
Distal humerus fractures.
Humeral shaft fractures.
Proximal humerus fractures.
Clavicle fractures.
Scapular fractures.
Glenohumeral joint subluxations, dislocations, and instability.
Acromioclavicular joint injuries.
Sternoclavicular joint injuires.
Principles of spine trauma care.
Cervical spine fractures and dislocations.
Thoracolumbar spine fractures and dislocations.
Pelvic ring fractures.
Acetabulum fractures.
Hip dislocations and fractures of the femoral head.
Femoral neck fractures.
Intertrochanteric fractures.
Subtrochanteric fractures.
Femoral shaft fractures.
Distal femur fractures.
Patella fractures and extensor mechanism injuries.
Tibial plateau fractures.
Knee dislocations and fracture-dislocations.
Tibia and fibula fractures.
Pilon fractures.
Ankle fractures.
Talus fractures.
Calcaneus fractures.
Fractures and dislocations of the midfoot and forefoot.