Table of Contents

The cell as a unit of health and disease / Richard. N. Mitchell.
Cell injury, cell death, and adaptations.
Inflammation and repair.
Hemodynamic disorders, thromboembolism, and shock.
Diseases of the immune system.
Genetic and pediatric diseases / Anirban Maitra.
Environmental and nutritional diseases.
General pathology of infectious diseases / Alexander J. McAdam, Karen M. Frank.
Blood vessels / Richard N. Mitchell.
Heart / Richard N. Mitchell.
Hematopoietic and lymphoid systems.
Lung / Aliya Noor Husain.
Kidney and its collecting system / Anthony Chang, Zoltan Laszik.
Oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract / Jerrold R. Turner, Mark W. Lingen.
Liver and gallbladder / Neil D. Theise.
Pancreas / Anirban Maitra.
Male genital system and lower urinary tract / Jonathan Epstein, Tamara L. Lotan.
Female genital system and breast / Lora Hedrick Ellenson, Susan C. Lester.
Endocrine system / Anirban Maitra.
Bones, joints, and soft tissue tumors / Andrew Horvai.
Peripheral nerves and muscles / Peter Pytel.
Central nervous system / Matthew P. Frosch.
Skin / Alexander J.F. Lazar