Table of Contents

Cellular responses to stress and toxic insults: adaptation, injury, and death.
Acute and chronic inflammation.
Tissue renewal, repair, and regeneration.
Hemodynamic disorders, thromboembolic disease, and shock / Richard N. Mitchell.
Genetic disorders.
Diseases of the immune system.
Neoplasia / Thomas P. Stricker, Vinay Kumar.
Infectious diseases / Alexander J. McAdam, Arlene H. Sharpe.
Environmental and nutritional diseases.
Diseases of infancy and childhood / Anirban Maitra.
Blood vessels / Richard N. Mitchell, Frederick J. Schoen.
The heart / Frederick J. Schoen, Richard N. Mitchell.
Diseases of white blood cells, lymph nodes, spleen, and thymus.
Red blood cell and bleeding disorders.
The lung / Aliya N. Husain.
Head and neck.
The gastrointestinal tract / Jerrold R. Turner.
Liver and biliary tract / James M. Crawford, Chen Liu.
The pancreas / Ralph H. Hruban, Christine lacobuzio-Donahue.
The kidney / Charles E. Alpers.
The lower urinary tract and male genital system / Jonathan I. Epstein.
The female genital tract / Lora Hedrick Ellenson, Edyta C. Pirog.
The breast / Susan C. Lester.
The endocrine system / Anirban Maitra.
The skin / Alexander J.F. Lazar, George F. Murphy.
Bones, joints, and soft tissue tumors / Andrew E. Rosenberg.
Peripheral nerve and skeletal muscle / Douglas C. Anthony, Matthew P. Frosch, Umberto De Girolami.
The central nervous system / Matthew P. Frosch, Douglas C. Anthony, Umberto De Girolami.
The eye / Robert Folberg. "Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease is the one book that nearly all medical students purchase, and is also widely used by physicians worldwide. A "who's who" of pathology experts delivers the most dependable, current, and complete coverage of today's essential pathology knowledge. At the same time, masterful editing and a practical organization make mastering every concept remarkably easy. The result remains the ideal source for an optimal understanding of pathology."--Publisher's description.