Table of Contents

Introduction: The Challenge of Structural Change for Industrial Cities and Regions in the CEE Countries.
Austria: The Process of Restructuring is Largely Complete.
Bulgaria: Identifying Regions of Industrial Decline.
Czech Republic: Towards the Reclamation of Derelict Land.
Germany: Tackling the East-West Divide.
Hungary: An Umbrella Plan for the Regions.
Latvia: A Centre-Oriented Country in Transition.
Poland: Redevelopment Strategies at Different Levels.
Romania: Consequences of Small Steps Policy.
Slovakia: Transforming Industrial Regions and Preparing for EU Regional Policy.
Slovenia: Different Types of Old Industrial Regions.
Ukraine: Transformation of Economic Structure as the Key to Spatial Development.
Conclusion and Perspectives: A way forward. In the course of the tremendous political and economic upheaval starting in 1989/1990 many industrial cities and regions in Central and Eastern Europe have been confronted with profound problems. This book presents eleven detailed national reports which describe the situation in such cities and regions as well as the strategies which have been employed to cope with structural change. The country reports are complemented by short case studies of selected cities and regions. An introduction gives background to such topics as structural change and the ramifications of EU enlargement. Finally some conclusions are drawn and recommendations offered for future policy.