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RIMBAUD'S RAINBOW; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; Table of contents; Introduction; Part 1. Translationand Pedagogy; Monuments, Makars and Modules: A British Experience; How can Translation Theory Help Undergraduates?; Can you Train Literary Translators?; The Literary Translation Programme and its Results; Kugelmass, Translator; Part 2. Translating; Decanonising the Canon: the Role of the Translator?; "No one but a Blockhead ever Translated, Except for Money"; James Joyce's Ulysses: The Style of Molly's Soliloquy in Spanish; Part 3. Translation Studies This selection of papers from the ITI's landmark First International Colloquium on Literary Translation includes provocative perspectives on the teaching, research and status of literary education in universities. By way of introduction Peter Bush looks at strategies for raising the profile of the theory and practice of literary translation, its professionalisation and role in the development of national and international cultures. Nicholas Round and Edwin Gentzler explore undergraduate teaching of translation in the UK and the US while Douglas Robinson gives a Woody Allenish frame to an exper.