Table of Contents

Editor; Contributors; Acknowledgement; Chapter 1: Early arthritis; Chapter 2: Established rheumatoid arthritis; Chapter 3: Beyond anti-TNF: other biological drugs in inflammatory arthritis; Chapter 4: Pharmacogenetics of inflammatory arthritis; Chapter 5: Psoriatic arthritis; Chapter 6: Therapy of ankylosing spondylitis; Chapter 7: Systemic lupus erythematosus; Chapter 8; Antiphospholipid syndrome; Chapter 9: Progress in the therapy of systemic sclerosis; Chapter 10: Inflammatory myositis; Chapter 11: Disease-modifying drugs in osteoarthritis; Chapter 12: Management of gout. Offers a global perspective on current approaches to diagnosis and therapy for musculoskeletal and joint disease, reporting on the latest trial results and published literature that will have an impact on clinical practice. Experts in each of these fields guide the reader through the many options now available to clinicians managing rheumatological disease, providing a clear account of current best practice and future directions.