Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Retrovirology; Chapter 2: Mechanisms of Oncogenesis by Retroviruses; Chapter 3: Deregulation of Signal Transduction Pathways by Oncogenic Retroviruses; Chapter 4: Genetics of Host Resistance to Retroviruses and Cancer; Chapter 5: Endogenous Retroviruses and Cancer; Chapter 6: Retroviruses and Insights into Cancer: Retroviral Regulatory/Accessory Genes and Cancer; Chapter 7: Cancers Induced by Piscine Retroviruses; Chapter 8: The Immune Response to Oncogenic Retroviruses; Chapter 9: Retrovirus-induced Immunodeficiency and Cancer. This book will contain a series of review articles that focus on retro viral models of human and animal cancers. Each article will be written by an expert in the field of retro virology. The reviews will summarize current work on a particular retrovirus, with particular emphasis on the relevance of this research to human disease.