Table of Contents

Preface / Outi Berghäll.
Overview / Eija Palosuo.
Climate change and developmet : time to adapt / Shardul Agrawala and Florence Crick .
The future of development cooperation in a changing climate / Sarah Mohan and Bill Morton.
Energy access and climate change mitigation : friends or foes? / Viriginie Schwarz and Yannick Glemarec.
Population dynamics and climate change : recasting the policy agenda / George Martine and José Miguel Guzman.
How will climate change affect trade's potential to foster development? / Aaron Cosbey.
The challenges of tourism as a development strategy in an era of global climate change / Stefan Gössling, C. Michael Hall and Daniel Scott --Agriculture in the face of climate change : shifting the paradigm towards sustainability / Lim Li Ching.
Forests, development cooperation, and climate change - is there room for win-win situations? / Markku Kanninen.
Linking development, peacebuilding and climate change / Dan Smith and Karina Kristiansen.
Opportunities to change development pathways for climate change mitigation / Jayant Sathaye.
Does human development really require greenhouse gas emissions? / Axel Michaelowa and Katharina Michaelowa.
Fit for purpose : towards a development architecture that can deliver / Peter Newell.
Fair wealth : pathways into post-development / Wolfgang Sachs.