Table of Contents

Contributors; Preface; 1. Achieving Restraint-Free Care; 2. Implementing a Process of Change; 3. Making Sense of Behavior: Cornerstone of Individualized Care; 4. Responding to Behavioral Phenomena; 5. Assessment of Fall Risk and Prevention of Injurious Falls; 6. Caring for the Person Who Interferes with Treatment; 7. Maintaining a Process of Change; Index; This book is designed to help clinicians, administrators, students, and families attain the goal of restraint-free care of the elderly. Written by leading experts in the field, the book contains specific strategies for understanding behavior, making constructive changes in the individual's environment, and managing the risk of falls and interference with necessary treatments. It is organized in outline form to highlight critical material and to be readily adaptable as a quick reference. The authors use individualized care as the book's underlying philosophy. The goals of individualized care in.