Table of Contents

Introduction : resource curse and post-Soviet Eurasia / Vladimir Gel'man.
Resource curse : rethinking the Soviet experience / Dmitry Travin and Otar Marganiya.
The impact of the oil shock on the post-Soviet regime changes / Andrey Scherbak.
Oil boom : is it devastating to property rights and the rule of law? / Andrey Zaostrovstsev.
The logic of crony capitalism : big oil, big politics, and big business in Russia / Vladimir Gel'man.
Oil boom and government finance in Russia : stabilization fund and its fate / Andrey Zaostrovtsev.
Oil, gas, transit, and boundaries : problems of the transport curse / Nikolay Dobronravin.
Oil, gas, and modernization of global south : African lessons for post-Soviet states / Nikolay Dobronravin.
Conclusion : oil, gas, Russia, and the 2008-2009 economic crisis / Dmitry Travin. By the end of the 2000s, the term "resource curse" had become so widespread that it had turned into a kind of magic keyword, not only in the scholarly language of the social sciences, but also in the discourse of politicians, commentators and analysts allover the world--like the term "modernization" in the early 1960s or "transition" in the early 1990s. In fact, the aggravation of many problems in the global economy and politics, against the background of the rally of oil prices in 2004-2008, became theenvironment for academic and public debates about the role of natural resources in general.