Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Nature of Research in Arts Education.
Chapter 2: The Art of Research.
Chapter 3: Systematic Reviewing.
Chapter 4: Using Participatory Visual Ethnography to Explore Young People's Use of Visual Material Culture in Place and Space.
Chapter 5: 'When is Yesterday Coming Again?' The Impact of Arts-rich Partnerships in Early Years' Education.
Chapter 6: Daily Life.
Chapter 7: A Dual Inheritance.
Chapter 8: Practice-based Research Degree Students in Art and Design.
Chapter 9: School Art.
Chapter 10: A Preliminary Survey of Drawing Manuals in Britain c. 1825-1875.
Chapter 11: Early Obsessive Drawings and Personal Development.
Chapter 12: Young People, Photography and Engagement.
Chapter 13: Constructing Neonarratives.
Chapter 14: The Narrative Approach in Art Education.
Chapter 15: A Cross-cultural Study of Art-teacher Education in Taiwan and England.
A Glossary of Research Terms in Arts Education.
Notes on Contributors.
Index. This is an edited collection exploring research practice methods in art & design education. It covers a broad range of issues associated with problems and strengths in art education today, examined by diverse body of internationally renowned contributors. The editor is highly respected as an academic and practicing artist within the field. Although educators are increasingly interested in art education research, there are few anthologies tackling the subject. "Research in Art & Design Education" answers this call, summarizing important issues in the field such as non-text based approaches and interdisciplinary work. Contributions from internationally renowned researchers explore a broad range of topics in art education, highlighting particular problems and strengths in the literature. An indispensable and engaging resource, this volume, as part of the anthology in partnership with the National Society for Education in Art and Design, provides a long-awaited aid for students and teachers alike.