Table of Contents

Reproductive genomics: genome, transcriptome and proteome resources / Noelle E. Cockett.
Quantitative genomics of female reproduction / Jeffrey L. Vallet, Dan J. Nonneman, and Larry A. Kuehn.
Quantitative genomics of male reproduction / Eduardo Casas, J. Joe Ford, and Gary A. Rohrer.
Genetics and genomics of reproductive disorders / Peter Dovc, Tanja Kunej and Galen A. Williams.
Genetics and genomics of reproductive diseases / Holly Neibergs and Ricardo Zanella.
Comparative genomics of y chromosome and male fertility / Wansheng Liu.
Mitochondriomics of reproduction and fertility / Zhihua Jiang ... [et al.].
Functional genomics studies of ovarian function in livestock: physiological insight gained and perspective for the future / Beau Schilling and George W. Smith.
Physiological genomics of preimplantation embryo development in production animals / Luc J. Peelman.
Physiological genomics of conceptus-endometrial interactions mediating corpus luteum rescue / Troy L. Ott and Thomas E. Spencer.
Physiological genomics of placental growth and development / Sukanta Mondal.
Cellular, molecular and genomic mechanisms regulating testis function in livestock / Kyle Caires, Jon Oatley and Derek McLean.
The epigenome and its relevance to somatic cell nuclear transfer and nuclear reprograming / Jorge A. Piedrahita, Steve Bischoff and Shengdar Tsai.
Biotechnology and fertility regulation / Valéria Conforti.
Proteomics of male seminal plasma / Vera Jonakova, Jiri Jonak and Marie Ticha.
Evolutionary genomics of sex determination in domestic animals / Eric Pailhoux and Corinne Cotinot.
Toxicogenomics of reproductive endocrine disruption / Ulf Magnusson and Lennart Dencker.
Nutrigenomics for improved reproduction / John P. McNamara.