Table of Contents

Disorders of water metabolism / Tomas Berl and Robert W. Schrier.
Renal sodium excretion, edematous disorders, and diuretic use / Robert W. Schrier.
Pathogenesis and management of metabolic acidosis and alkalosis / Shobha Ratnam, William Kaehny, and Joseph I. Shapiro.
Pathogenesis and management of respiratory and mixed acid-base disorders / William D. Kaehny.
Disorders of potassium metabolism / Biff F. Palmer and Thomas D. Dubose Jr.
Disorders of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and parathyroid hormone activity / Mordecai M. Popovtzer.
Normal and abnormal magnesium homeostasis / David M. Spiegel.
Disorders of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system / Thomas Hostetter.
The kidney in hypertension / Charles R. Nolan and Robert W. Schrier.
Acute kidney injury : pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management / Robert W. Schrier and Charles L. Edelstein.
Chronic kidney disease : manifestations and pathogenesis / Michel Chonchol and Laurence Chan.
Obstructive nephropathy : pathophysiology and management / Kevin P.G. Harris.
Renal function and pregnancy / Kirk Conrad and Arun Jeyabalan.
Proteinuria and the nephrotic syndrome / Burl R. Don and George A. Kaysen.
The glomerulopathies / Joshua Thurman and Ryan Goldberg.