Table of Contents

Introduction : knowledge, practice, and hope / Harry R. Moody.
Research in spirituality, religion, and aging / David O. Moberg.
Religion, spirituality, and aging for "the aging" themselves / Henry C. Simmons.
Religion and coping in older adults : a social work perspective / Holly Nelson-Becker.
Religiosity as a mediator of caregiver well-being : does ethnicity make a difference? / Carmen L. Morano, Denise King.
"Religion is the finding thing" : an evolving spirituality in late life / Susan A. Eisenhandler.
Religious congregations as social service providers for older adults / Ram A. Cnaan, Stephanie C. Boddie, Jennifer J. Kang.
Guided by ethics : religion and spirituality in gerontological social work practice / Vicki Murdock.
Caregivers' use of spirituality in ethical decision-making / Terry L. Koenig.
Spirituality and social work in long-term care / Marty Richards.
Geriatric care management : spiritual challenges / Leonie Nowitz.
Postcards to God : exploring spiritual expression among disabled older adults / Mark Brennan, Sarah B. Laditka, Amy Cohen.
Creating sacred scenarios : opportunities for new rituals and sacred aging / Richard Address.
Culture change in long-term care : educating the next generation / Dwight Roth.
Autobiography as a spiritual practice / John-Raphael Staude.
Dreams for the second half of life / Harry R. Moody.
A pastoral understanding of positive aging / Samuel R. Seicol.
Land of forgetfulness : dementia care as spiritual formation / Wayne A. Ewing.
Caregiving and our inner elder : insights from a spiritual master / Richard Griffin.
Living with elder wisdom / Eugene Bianchi.